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Why Is My Air Conditioner Blowing Warm/Hot Air?

Air Conditioner Warm AirYou say it’s the middle of summer, and your air conditioner will only blow hot air? This isn’t something you’ll want to laugh off, particularly as the temperatures soar past 100 on the hottest day of the year. At a time like this, you’ll want to know two things: Why in the world is this happening now, and how in the world can I fix it?

Hot air should come from your heating system, not your air conditioning unit. If you are having this problem, several things could be responsible. Some may be simple to fix, but others will not. Here are the most common reasons.

The Thermostat Setting

If your air conditioner seems to think it’s a furnace, your unit’s fan setting is the first place to look. If it’s set to “on,” you have inadvertently told it to run around the clock whether or not the compressor itself is operating. That means unless you’re in an actual cooling cycle, you’re just pulling in the outside air, and this is likely to feel warm or even hot.

Here’s the fix: Switch the fan from the “on” to the “auto” position. This will stop it from running constantly and force it instead to turn on only when the inside temperature rises to the point at which the compressor comes on as well.

The Refrigerant

Your unit’s refrigerant exists for one purpose: to absorb heat from the inside air. If its levels fall below the norm, your unit will be unable to cool the air properly and may not cool it at all. You may find it blowing out hot air in the daylight hours and cold air during the night.

Refrigerant does not evaporate. If insufficient amounts should prove to be your problem, you’re sure to be losing some of this substance through a leak. A check of the outside unit should quickly tell the tale. You may discover that the refrigerant line is frozen. You may also notice a bubbling or hissing sound somewhere in the area. If you do, your leak is likely to be worse than you thought.

Here’s the fix: Call for a repairman. You’ll need someone to locate the problem, fix it if possible and bring the refrigerant levels back to normal.


Although any household appliance will tend to accumulate dirt, your air conditioning unit is somewhat special in this respect. These devices have a particular talent for accumulating gook and grime. There are many locations at which this can happen, and as the detritus builds up, it can impede the unit’s best efforts at cooling the air and dispersing the heat.

If hot air starts blowing where cold air should be, try looking for grimy buildup on:

  • The air filter.
  • The outside unit’s grillwork.
  • The condenser coils.

Dirt accumulation on even one of these areas will impede the needed flow of air and prevent your unit from working correctly.

Here’s the fix: At least once a month, check the air filter and wash or change it if necessary. Treat a dirty outside unit to a gentle shower bath, and if these things don’t do the trick, it’s time to call in the pros.

The Circuit Breakers

All central air conditioning units have breakers both inside and out. If the breaker trips on the outside unit only, the fan inside will continue blowing air, but the air that it blows won’t be cool. That’s because the outside unit is the one that does the heavy lifting. The inside unit just houses the fan that pulls in the air that the outside unit has worked so hard to cool.

Here’s the fix: If your inside breaker has tripped, reset it once but never twice. It’s strictly hands off if it should trip again. This will likely indicate a major problem with your unit, and repeated attempts will only worsen the damage.

When to Get Outside Help

When your air conditioner won’t stop blowing hot air, it may require expert service. Whether the fix consists of a simple readjustment, a major overhaul or even a total replacement, the specialists at Earth Wise Home Services have the expertise to handle all your air conditioning needs.

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