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Heater Tricks to Keep Your Home Cozy (and Your Bill Down) This Winter

Heater Tricks to Stay Cozy and Save Money This Winter

Let’s face it – nobody likes to be cold, especially at home! These heater tricks will help – not only with staying warm, but with saving your hard-earned cash.

Heating Repair Texas“But baby it’s cold out there. Think of my lifelong sorrow if you caught pneumonia and died.”

So goes the famous lyrics by Louis Armstrong. And as the winter season approaches, the cold outside is starting to become the cold inside. You turn up your heater. You don the sweaters. You stoke the fireplace fire. And you dread the coming of the energy or gas bill.

Whether your winter is short or almost year-round, your energy bill is bound to soar midwinter. You’ve tried various things. You’ve heard various tricks. But you still find yourself taxing your heater and shivering through the cold winter nights.

At EarthWise Home Services we understand how harsh winters can be. Our main mission is to keep your home comfortable, functional, and energy efficient. So we came up with a small list of the best ways you can keep your home warm and cozy without adjusting the thermostat.

Seal the Front Door

Have you ever walked past your front door in your socks and felt a draft on your toes? Don’t worry. It’s not the underworld yawning open before your house. Unless, it is. And then we’d say run. But most likely it’s inadequate weatherstripping on your door.

You will most often find weather stripping around doors. The area between the jamb and the door, the place where the door meets the frame. These places need to be sealed tight whenever your outer doors shut. Doors and door frames and the walls they inhabit settle and change shape over time.

It’s impossible to measure a door and frame to seal on their own. This is why the manufacturers leave a little bit of space between frame and door. The door would not operate smoothly otherwise.

You need to fill these spaces with weatherstripping. Weatherstripping comes in various materials. What you buy depends on use and type of space filled. Felt and open-cell foams are cheap but not durable. Vinyl holds up against moisture. Metal is still affordable and yet lasts the longest.

But if a gap exists between a door and frame or a window and frame, make sure you close it up. You are losing precious warm air.

Film It

If you live above ground and are not in a cave, you probably have windows. Twenty-five percent of heat loss happens at your windows.

If you have large windows or sliding glass doors, this percentage could easily increase.

Clingwrap film is cheap. And it’s a very not messy way to prank someone in your office (click here for inspiration). It’s also a great way to create an extra layer of protection from the cold on your glass doors and windows.

Just take the cling wrap, and use a hairdryer to seal the edges against the frame. This could cut heat loss by a full 14%.

Insert Santa Deterrent

We know your kids are expecting Santa to come down the chimney this winter. But you and I both know that Santa has many mysterious ways to get into your house. And the chimney is only one of many magical ports of ingress.

The chimney is a major hole in your house. And even if you keep the flue closed all winter, it’s not an effective seal against the weather.

Get a chimney balloon, inflate it and stuff it up there. And don’t worry. If you forget to take it out, it will merely deflate when the heat of the fire hits it. You don’t have to worry about smoke filling your house and making your clothes smell like bacon.

Holey Ductwork, Batman!

If you have central heating, you have some sort of ductwork running through the walls and ceilings. And if that ductwork has holes, you’re losing out on efficiency.

There might be places in the ductwork where the ducts have pulled apart at the seams or corners. When this happens, you are losing about 20-30% of your air. Where does this air go? Into your walls and attic. Hopefully, there is nobody in your walls and attic enjoying your excess warmth. But even so, you should probably recoup that lost heating anyway.

Make sure you seal up that duct work. And if you don’t want to do it yourself, or you’re afraid of what you might find back there, be sure to make an appointment with a professional to get it done.

Heat The Space

Do some rooms get used more than others in your house? Why are you wasting energy heating your whole house when you could heat compartmentally?

If you can find an efficient space heater, you can lower your thermostat and save some cash. In most places, the difference in cost between heating a whole house with your central heater and your space heater should offset each other.

And besides, if you’ve been playing outside in the snow all morning, you can come in and heat your toes near the heater. Just don’t burn them. We’re not responsible for your stupidity if you do.

Downdraft It

What many people don’t know is that their ceiling fans spin in two directions. If you have ceiling fans in your house, go up to one and do a quick examination. If it’s a normal ceiling fan, it will have a little toggle switch on the side. In one position, the fan turns clockwise. In the other position, it turns counter-clockwise.

In the summer, you want your fan spinning counter-clockwise. This will push the heat up and away from you making room for the cool air.

In the winter, you want your fan spinning clockwise, shoving the hot air down upon you.

If you have high ceilings, this is especially useful. Those vaulted ceilings hold a lot of air.

Conclusion: It’s All Easy

Once you see the holes in your family fortress, it’s easy to learn what to do. Seal it, compartmentalize it, heat it and save.

If you have any questions about heating your home this winter, drop us a note. And as always, may your winter be merry and cozy.

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