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5 Common Home Heating Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

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Don’t you want to stay toasty this winter? We think you do – and that’s why we’re sharing the most common home heating mistakes homeowners make here.

It really doesn’t matter if you live in a warm climate. There will be days when you just want to turn on that heater rather than don a sweater. But that’s my right as a homeowner with a home heating system. And, yes, it really is your right. Go ahead, turn on that heat. But don’t make the same mistake millions of homeowners make every year when the weather goes South.

It’s really easy to treat your home heating system like a genie in a bottle. “I want to feel warm.” There, you’ve wasted one of your all powerful wishes. Congratulations.

If you’re trying to be eco-friendly, or even if you are just trying to save some money, you just need to use some common sense and some patience. You’ll be warm soon enough, and you won’t be living in a sauna either.

1. Getting Your Home Heating System To Heat Faster

Have you ever turned your oven up way higher than instructed because you wanted the food to cook faster? What happened to the food? Did it burn? That’s because ovens don’t work that way.

And neither does your furnace. Well, I mean, it can work that way, but what you’re really doing is wasting energy.

Your average price for electricity is 12.65 cents per Kilowatt hour. When you flip that thermostat beyond a comfortable temperature, let’s say 80 degrees Fahrenheit, you are literally burning away pennies.

And what happens when you forget you’ve set it that high? You get too hot and open a window, wasting all that energy you just used to heat the house.

How do I avoid this? You ask. Patience. Figure out what a comfortable temperature is for you. Set your thermostat there. Don’t deviate while you are home. Your pocketbook will thank us.

2. Colder Temps Means Higher Heat

The sound of the wind slithering through the eaves and down into your house will always make you feel cold. This doesn’t mean you have to turn up the heat.

This is pretty much the same concept as turning up your heat because you’re impatient. Your house will get warm if you set it at a comfortable temperature like 68 F.

If it gets cold outside and the snow is piling up, the house will just take a tad longer to warm up. Don’t waste energy or money heating up what is already going to heat up.

3. You Don’t Seal Your Fireplace

Yes, yes, we know. You have children. How will Santa come down the chimney and leave all those wonderful gifts if you seal up the fireplace? But seriously, you don’t think Santa has many mysterious ways? What about the poor children who don’t have fireplaces? Have you ever thought about them?

But really, it’s one of the most grievous mistakes homeowners make. Not only do they forget to seal their fireplace. They leave the flue open.

Do you really want a massive hole in your house? Cause that’s how you lose precious heat and energy.

How then are you going to seal up your chimney? That sounds expensive. Plus, isn’t it dangerous? What if someone accidently sets a fire in there?

It’s really not, actually. All you need is a chimney balloon. And if you forget to remove it before you set a fire, the balloon deflates when heat contacts its surface.

4. Never Turning Your Home Heating System Off

It makes sense, right? Keep your heat on all the time. It won’t have to work to heat up your house when you get home. Plus, you will always come home to a warm place. But what you don’t realize is that you are wasting both energy and money keeping an empty home warm. For whom are you warming your home? Remember, that’s literally pennies burning there. The amount of energy you use to keep your house warm will not equal the amount of energy it takes to heat a cold house.

If you have an efficient home heating system, you are bound to have a warm home in minutes. 

If you are so concerned with having a warm place every time you come home, set your thermostat to turn on thirty minutes before you get home. Today, with some systems, you can turn on your heat from your very own smartphone. Even when you are away from home, you can do this.

5. Not Getting A Professional To Check Your System

Many people don’t get their home heating system checked until something breaks. But you really should get your system checked. About 20-30 percent of air is lost due to leaks and broken ductwork. That’s how much less efficient your heating system will be if you don’t find leaks and repair them. And it’s not always simple getting to your duct work. If it’s through the wall, you may have a difficult time locating the line.

If you can’t get to a line, or you just don’t want to know what’s crawling around between your walls, then call a professional. They will be able to fix any leak and then tune up your system to make sure it’s most efficient. Best practice would be to call your home heating professional before the winter months hit. They tend to be busy during the winter months because of outages and breakages.

Conclusion: Don’t Forget The Fans

One of the things many people don’t realize is that their fans have both a winter and a summer mode. No, really, check it out! Go up to your fan and look at the big hub in the middle. Wait, make sure the fan is off before you do this. We aren’t responsible for missing hands! Then find the little toggle switch. It’s a two-way switch somewhere on the main hub. One way should send the machine spinning clockwise. The other way should send it spinning counter-clockwise. The latter is your winter mode. Make sure you have your ceiling fans on winter mode in the winter to draw heat downward.  As we said, it’s all common sense. Just stop and think. Then act. You’ll save money and stay warm.

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