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My Air Conditioner is Vibrating

AC VibratingIt almost goes without saying. One day in the not-too-distant future, the trusty air conditioning unit that has never given you a moment’s trouble will suddenly announce its presence with a new and mysterious vibration. The oscillation behind this noise is usually indicative of loosened internal ac parts. Although no mechanical device is immune to this sort of problem, air conditioning systems seem particularly prone to do this sort of thing without warning, often on one of first hot days of the season.

You may try to ignore the vibrating sound, but it won’t stop on its own. If you don’t take steps to tighten those wobbly components, the looseness will only grow worse over time.

However, vibrations are just one of the potentially problematic noises with which your air conditioning unit might one day choose to serenade you. Others include:

  • The bang. When your unit starts to make this type of noise, one of two things could be wrong. Either an out-of-balance fan blade is hitting something it shouldn’t, or your compressor is playing unhappy host to a loose or broken part.
  • The buzz. When buzzing noises come from the outside compressor, loose fan motors or blades are the commonest culprits. Other potential causes of a buzzing sound include dirty filters or condenser coils; leaking refrigerant; rubbing copper lines; debris accumulation; or a blower that has thrown itself somewhat out of balance.
  • The clank. This is likely to indicate a part that’s become so loose or unbalanced that it bumps repeatedly against whatever happens to be nearby. Things to check include the fan blades as well as various parts inside the compressor.
  • The click. Although this sound can be normal when your unit is starting up or shutting down, a click that becomes repetitive will most likely indicate a problem with the outdoor compressor or the indoor air handler. A bent or obstructed fan blade can also make this sound as can loosened tubing or bolts in the outside unit. If the system clicks continuously while also refusing to start, your electrical system may have suffered a short.
  • The hum. This type of noise will often point to an electrical problem, particularly if the unit won’t turn on. Otherwise, loose wires, piping or other parts will sometimes produce a noise that resembles a hum.
  • The rattle. While a rattle normally points to the loosening of some internal part, many other conditions could cause this sort of sound. Clogging from twigs, leaves and other debris are often to blame.
  • The squeal. Some units squeal by nature when you start them up, but after they are running, the noise should stop. If it doesn’t, check the motors on the indoor component as well as on the outside fan. A blower wheel malfunction could also be to blame.
  • The scream. If your air conditioning unit should suddenly emit a high-pitched noise, turn it off immediately and call in the pros. This sound is never normal and could signal dangerously high internal pressure in the compressor. More often, however, the scream is indicative of leaking refrigerant, a condition that could damage your unit and sicken the people inside the house. In addition, either of these potentially hazardous situations could cause your unit to shut itself down automatically. If so, don’t take the chance of turning it back on. Call Earthwise Home Services for help instead.

Do Those Air Conditioning Noises Just Want to Be Your Friend?

There’s one good thing about these unwelcome sounds: Although they may seem incomprehensible at the time, the unique nature of each can help you pinpoint the problem and put a stop to it then and there. However, if any of these noises should grow loud enough to hint at serious trouble, it’s always best to play it safe and shut the unit down.

It’s even better to prevent sounds like these from occurring in the first place. With a regular inspection from Earthwise Home Services, you can, and it will always pay to do so. Central air conditioning systems can be costly to repair and even pricier to replace. Don’t let your unit ever reach that point. Get regular professional inspections instead. You’ll be happy you did!

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