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Tips and Tricks to Reduce Your AC’s Power Consumption

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Once you’ve installed a home or office air conditioner, it’s just a matter of time until you learn the truth: These devices have a surprising appetite for power, and they are likely to consume it with greater voracity than all the rest of your appliances put together. Running yours could easily cost between 11 and 75 cents an hour, and that adds up to a lot.

Luckily, there are ways of fighting back. For starters, you can:

  • Choose an energy-efficient model. Every new air conditioner sold today will carry an energy efficiency ratio. If you care about lowering your power-use footprint, choose the model with the highest EER and Energy Star certification.
  • Make sure that you’re buying a unit of the right size. The larger the room you’re trying to cool, the more BTUs you’ll require, and if large numbers of people will spend time there together, you’re going to need even more. It’s important that you get this right. A unit that’s too small for your needs will work too hard, but one that exceeds your requirements will only use too much energy.
  • Don’t discard your trusty window and ceiling fans. These tried-and-true devices eat up 25 times less energy than the most efficient air conditioner, and you can use them not only by themselves in cooler weather but also as an assist in circulating the cooled air flowing from your AC unit. A table fan, for example, can help by forcing the cooler air that comes from your window unit down long hallways or through a doorway into other rooms.
  • Keep your AC unit clean. Dirt and dust that collects in its filter will do more than simply impede the flow of air. The accumulation may eventually damage your unit beyond repair. Fortunately, filters are easy to clean. The hardest part could simply consist of remembering to do it.
  • If you cool your space with central air, keep an eye on the coils in your outside unit. That garden or on-street location leaves them prone to the collection of dust and mud, and the accumulation will adversely affect your energy use.
  • Keep your windows closed when the unit is running. If you fail to do this, the warmer, moister air that enters from outside will overtax the air conditioner’s capabilities, increasing its energy needs.
  • Seal the cracks. In older buildings particularly, hot and humid outside air has a way of seeping in around doors, windows and even the unit itself. This might cause the same energy overload you’d get by neglecting to shut your windows in the first place.
  • Don’t be in too much of a hurry to get the room cool. When any living area starts out objectionably warm, getting the temperature down in a hurry is a natural objective. However, dialing the thermostat down to the lowest setting is not the way to do it. That will just waste energy and lead to a clammy room, but it won’t cool the space room any faster.
  • Watch out for blockages. If items such as draperies or furniture restrict air flow, get them out of the way.
  • Move heat-generating appliances away from the unit. If lamps, computers or television sets reside near your air conditioner, the unit will cool them down before anything else, and it’s bound to waste energy while doing it.
  • Swap out older, less-efficient units. The aging process can wreak havoc with an air conditioner’s energy-saving quotient. The older unit may also increasingly require repairs, so when the time has come to say goodbye, don’t feel guilty doing it.
  • Think about where the heat is coming from. In most buildings, the roof is often the biggest culprit, followed by the exterior walls. Reflective paint up top and lighter-colored siding will help to keep the sun at bay, and consider this: A building in the shade of tall trees will practically keep itself at comfortable temperature.

At Earthwise Home Services, we believe in keeping cool without breaking the bank. Try these tips for starters, and when it comes time to replace your aging unit, our energy experts will be glad to help. Give us a call and see.

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